About Dubai

Dubai is a vibrant cosmopolitan city where ultra modern glass tower blocks sit alongside traditional markets (souks) and well-preserved heritage sites.

The city’s vibrant economy is no longer funded by oil; instead a policy of diversifying national income has led to strategic commercial ventures that have resulted in unprecedented economic growth.

Dubai is also a leading holiday destination. Tourists enjoy a peaceful, tolerant and multicultural environment with an excellent infrastructure. Apart from tourism, Dubai continues to be a favoured venue for international conferences, concerts and sporting events. In 2003 the International Monetary Fund and World Bank held their meetings in Dubai, which were attended by world statesmen. Visitors continue to stream into Dubai to live, work and play, and the impact is being felt in the higher education sector as the government develops its strategy for a knowledge-based economy in the 21st century.

Dubai’s higher education sector is also growing rapidly in line with these developments.