Dr.Cedwyn Fernandes


Associate Professor Economics

Campus Programme Coordinator Undergaraduate  Business School


Office: room 305 Block 16

Tel. 04 361 6250

Fax. 04 367 2956



·         Ph.D. (Economics) Mumbai University

·         M.A.  (Economics) Mumbai University

·         B.A. (Economics) Mumbai University

·         Certificate in Tertiary Teaching – University of Wollongong

Courses taught

·         Macroeconomics

·         Microeconomics

·         International Business Strategy

·         Supply Chain Management

Research Interests

·  ��      Macroeconomic policy

·         Supply Chain Management

·         International Business Management Issues

·         Education Marketing



Awards and achievements

·   Best Paper Award at First International Business Conference (IBC2008), Detroit Metropolitan, Michigan, USA (2008)

·   Finalist Dubai Economic Research Award. (2007)

·   Research Excellence Award – University of Wollongong  (2007)

·   Finalist, Dubai Economic Research Award, sponsored by Dubai Economic Department.   Ranked among top seven out of 158 competitive papers. Presented in Award Ceremony. (2005)

·   Best Paper Award. The European Applied Business Research Conference, Edinburgh,   Scotland


Membership of professional bodies and associations

·            American Economic Association (AEA)

·         Academy of International Business (AIB)

·         Consultative Committee – Supply Chain & Logistics Group (SCLG)

Selected Publications

(2013) “Understanding Student Satisfaction and Loyalty in the UAE HE Sector”. International Journal of Educational Management, Vol. 27 Number. 6. Jointly with K. Ross & M. Meraj

 (2012)  “Analysis of Counterfeit Fashion  Purchase Behaviour in UAE” Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management. Forthcoming

(2010) “Estimating Elasticity of Demand for Tourism in Dubai” Tourism Analysis Vol 15, Number 1 . Jointly with Prof. Ajit Karnik

(2009) ‘Macro-econometric Modelling for the UAE – An Optimal Control Approach’  Education, Business and Society: Contemporary Middle Eastern Issues. Vol2,No.2.

(2009) ‘ Dubai’s Potential as an Integrated Logistics Hub’, Journal of Applied Business Research. May/June Volume 25, Number 3 – . Jointly with Dr. G. Rodrigues

(2009) ‘ Extent of Globalisation in MENA Countries: An Empirical Analysis’. International Journal of Business and Globalisation Volume 4 Issue 2 – forthcoming. Jointly with  Dr. Naeem Muhammad and G. Rodrigues.

(2009) “Natural Resource Dependence :A Macroeconometric Model for the United Arab Emirates”. Applied Economics Vol 41 No. 9 . Jointly with Prof. Ajit Karnik.

 (2007) “Determinants of Salary Differentials of Graduates in the United Arab Emirates : A Human Capital theory Approach. Global Business and Economics Anthology 2007, Volume II. B&ESI.

(2007) “The Impact of Core Job dimensions on Satisfaction and Performance”. International Business and Economics Research Journal, Vol 6 Number 1. Jointly with Dr. Raed Awamleh.

(2007) “Strands of Development” Editor of Proceedings of the 5th International Business Research Conference (April).

 (2006) “Diffusion of Internet Banking amongst educated consumers in a high income non-OECD country”.  Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, December, Vol 11. No. 3. . Jointly with Dr. Raed Awamleh

(2006) “Impact of Organizational Justice in an Expatriate Work Environment”, Management Research News. Vol 29, Issue 11. Jointly with Dr. Raed Awamleh. 

 (2005) “Internet Banking: An empirical investigation into the extent of adoption by banks and the determinants of customer satisfaction in the United Arab Emirates”. Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, Spring 05, Vol 9. No. 4. . Jointly with Dr. Raed Awamleh .

(2004)    “The Impact of Transformational and Transactional Leadership Styles on Employee’s Satisfaction and Performance: An Empirical Test in a Multicultural Environment “. International Business and Economics Journal, Vol 3, Number 8. Co USA. Jointly with Dr. Raed Awamleh .