Staff Directory

Dubai Staff Directory

Title Name Position Phone
Accomodation Services
Mr. Imran Bulooshi Student Accomodation Manager 8856240
Admissions & Marketing – Communications
Ms. Almunisa Gazala Assistant Admissions Manager 3754909
Ms. Deeba Alvi Admissions Counselor 3652750
Ms. Fatima Azahra Jamal Admissions Counselor 3612888
Ms. Iskra Todorova Admissions Counselor 3678125
Ms. Noorin Ansari Admissions Manager 3678134
Ms. Varushka Dias Admissions Counselor 4466533
Mr. Ayman Hussein Marketing Executive 3616249
Ms. Shariffa Sabry Assistant Marketing Manager 3693968
VISA Services
Mr. Ayad Salim Government Relations Manager 3678121
Mr. Francis Dela Cruz Visa Administrative Assistant 3671682
Ms. Joan Soriano-Santos Visa Officer 3752658
Counseling & Careers Adviser
Ms. Alpa Katkoria Careers Assistant 3748448
Ms. Alveena Javed Careers & Employability Services Manager 3612897
Dr. George Kaliaden Student Counselor 3678100
Executive Office
Ms. Evangeline Reyes PA to Director 3748446
Dr. Lois Smith Deputy Director 3693964
Ms. Claudia Maher Human Resources Manager 3678130
Mr. Mohammad Meraj Quality Manager 3678131
Ms. Tasneem Habib Quality Assistant 3612895
Finance Office
Ms. Jacobina Rego Finance Officer 3754910
Ms. Maria Cecilia Panganiban Finance Assistant Manager 3678136
Mr. Shashi Panicker Finance Controller 3678122
Ms. Sona Akbar Accountant 3671683
Ms. Trupti Naik Finance Officer 4334149
Mr. Vasudeva Hegde Senior Accountant 3678127
I.T. Office
Ms. Melany Sindayen I.T. Office Coordinator 3678126
Mr. Naveed Akhtar I.T. Manager 3678126
Mr. Shahbaz Khan I.T. Technical Support 3678126
Mr. Zuhaib Siddiqui I.T. Technical Support 3678126
Ms. Abigail Cruz Librarian 3678124
Ms. Anca-Marina Hultoana Librarian 3678124
Ms. Lorraine Kelley Library Manager 3755738
Mr. Naveed Hashmi Assistant Library Manager 3678124
Student Activities
Ms. Dragana Symons Student Activities Manager 4331775
Mr. Slavko Micanovic Sports Coordinator 3748447
Student Office
Ms. Janice Acebes Receptionist 3751212
Ms. Selva Sajjad Receptionist 3678100
Ms. Janice Revecho Student Office Assistant 4336276
Ms. Ma. Theresa Dorilag Student Office Assistant 3678120
Mr. Mohammad Zeeshan Student Office Assistant 4336196
Ms. Neha Nayeem Assistant Student Office Manager 3671684
Ms. Rubina Aliasgar Student Office Assistant 3678135
Ms. Sheeba Trisal Student Office Manager 3678132
Teaching and Learning
Ms. Racquel Warner Teaching and Learning Coordinator 3693966
Business School
Prof. Ajit Karnik Economics, Statistics and MBA Lecturer 3693971
Dr. Alun Epps Campus Programme Coordinator, MBA 3693962
Ms. Bushra Shehzad Marketing Lecturer 4330490
Ms. Hameedah Sayani Business Studies Lecturer 3693967
Dr. John Sutton Campus Programme Coordinator, MA Marketing & Communications 4330489
Mr. Keith Reynolds Human Resource Management Lecturer 3748980
Dr. Cedwyn Fernandes Campus Programme Coordinator, Business School 3616250
Dr. Lien Els Associate Professor, Human Resource Management 3693963
Ms. Lulu Baddar International Tourism Management Lecturer 3616247
Ms. Muneeza Shoaib Business Lecturer 3693972
Ms. Neelofer Mashood Human Resource Management Lecturer 3693974
Ms. Pallavi Kishore Accounting and Statistics Lecturer 3693975
Dr. Rajesh Mohnot Accounting and Finance Lecturer 3616246
Dr. Vijaya Kumar Accounting & Finance Lecturer 4461249
International Foundation Programme (IFP)
Ms. Anuradha Vyas International Foundation Programme Lecturer 3693969
Ms. Faiza Umar International Foundation Programme Lecturer 3753972
Mr. Kieran Ross Foundation Studies and Management Lecturer 3612889
Ms. Louise Edensor International Foundation Programme Lecturer 3616254
Ms. Mariam Abonil International Foundation Programme Lecturer 4465197
Mr. Michael King International Foundation Programme Lecturer 3616253
Ms. Racquel Warner Campus Programme Coordinator, International Foundation Programme 3693966
School of Media & Performing Arts
Ms. Evelyn Stubbs Campus Programme Coordinator, Media 3616244
School of Science and Technology
Ms. Engie Bashir Engineering and Information Sciences Lecturer 3616248
Dr. Fehmida Hussain Campus Programme Coordinator, Science & Technology 4461248
Mr. Jaspreet Sethi Engineering and Information Sciences Lecturer 4330488
Mr. Santhosh Menon Engineering and Information Sciences Lecturer 3754908
School of Health & Education
Dr. Anita Kashi Campus Programme Coordinator, Psychology – UG 3693973
Dr. Eleni Petkari Psychology Lecturer 3748982
Dr. Jakob Pietschnig Senior Lecturer, Psychology 4330491
Dr. Kay Sanderson Campus Programme Coordinator, Early Childhood Studies 4331772
Dr. Lynda Hyland Psychology Lecturer 4331773
School of Law
Dr. Cody Paris Campus Programme Coordinator, Social Science 4331776
Dr. Tenia Kyriazi Campus Programme Coordinator, LLB Honours 3748981