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International Foundation Programme

Course Overview

The Middlesex University Dubai International Foundation Programme (IFP) is a 120 credit pre-university course providing students with academic skills required for entry into one of our Undergraduate programmes. IFP help students to transition from high school to university by encouraging independent learning, utilising academic conventions and fostering a learner- centred environment in which students become actively involved in their own education. The modules, studied over 24 weeks, prepare students to join the degree of their choice with skills and confidence required to succeed at Middlesex University.

Special Features

  • Automatic Progression to a Middlesex Dubai undergraduate programme upon successful completion of IFP
  • Comprehensive academic support
  • Language Development classes
  • Online support from local and London tutors
  • Specialist subject lecturers
  • Improved academic and language skills
  • Orientation to Middlesex University Dubai culture
  • Knowledge of faculty and students on future degree Programme
  • Understanding of Learner Autonomy

Programme Content

The modules are designed to provide transferable skills of academic writing, researching and presenting and a general introduction to other requisite academic conventions to study an undergraduate degree. The lessons are delivered by qualified lecturers in the format of lectures and seminars. Lab sessions are sometimes used to give opportunity for practical work. Students study between 16 to 21 hours each week in well appointed classrooms equipped with IT access. Part of the ethos of Middlesex University is to encourage group collaboration on projects so during the term group presentations, classroom participation and attendance are used to provide formative assessment and all modules are summatively accessed at the end of the term with oral and written coursework.


Students study 4 comprehensive modules over one academic year which is made up of 24 weeks:

  • Academic Skills
  • Research and Presenting
  • Developing Independent Learning
  • Integrated Subject Based Projects


The following documents must accompany an Application for Admission (apply online):

  • Two (2) recent passport-size photographs
  • Copy of your passport and your UAE residency visa, if available. Candidates who wish to apply for Middlesex University sponsored student visas can findmore information here
  • International Foundation Programme: Applicants should submit copies of secondary school records including a certificate of completion and a statement of grades/marks. Students may need to additionally provide results of their GED Tests.
  • Undergraduate Programmes: Applicants should submit copies of secondary school records including a certificate of completion and a statement of grades/marks. If you are seeking credits for previous study completed at university/post-secondary level, please provide official documents (e.g. transcripts, certificates, etc) showing the subjects completed and marks/grades achieved along with detailed information on the content of courses and an explanation of the grading system.
  • Postgraduate Programmes: Students should submit copies of their undergraduate qualifications including degrees and/or a statement of completion and transcripts showing grades/marks. For the MBA programme, students must additionally provide evidence of minimum 3 years professional full-time work experience. For candidates without a degree, a full description of the jobs is essential, to show clearly your successful career path and the contribution you can make to your postgraduate programme. You must provide information on the employer(s): size of Company (e.g. annual turnover, number of employees, geographical breadth), own responsibilities (e.g. size of budget, number of people reporting to you, to whom you report) and job content.
  • Two (2) academic references
  • A personal statement (200 words or more)
  • Evidence of satisfying the English Language requirements, where applicable.
    If you require additional services such as a Middlesex University sponsored Student Visa or housing in our Halls of residences or our Transportation services please indicate this clearly on the application form.

Applications with the supporting documents should be sent to the Admission Office by the required ‘Application Deadlines’ on the following contact details:

Admissions Office

Middlesex University Dubai
Room 002, Block 16
Dubai Knowledge Village

PO Box 500697
United Arab Emirates

Email: admissions@mdx.ac

For admissions related enquiries call: +971 (0)4 3678100 OR +971 (0)4 3751212
To contact us via Fax dial: +971 (0)4 3678043