Transfer to London

Studying overseas can be a life-changing and a truly rewarding experience. It is one of the best means for personal growth where one learns about one’s self, explores perspectives of a different culture and makes new friends. The independence, maturity, adaptability and confidence that you gain while participating in overseas studies are qualities that make you even more marketable in the eyes of potential employers and society in general. Plus, you will never run out of stories to tell your friends and family at home about your adventures. Due to our unique relationship with London, Middlesex can offer you excellent opportunities to pursue an international learning experience.

All academic programmes in Dubai have the same validation and quality monitoring system as in London. This enables our students in Dubai to transfer to any of our London campuses upon completing an intermediate stage of their programmes. London has been described by many as one of the greatest cities in the world. Its strength and success comes from its diversity and unique mix of cultures; a city undergoing change constantly – retaining a sense of tradition while also embracing the new.

Many of our undergraduate students who choose to transfer to London do so in their second year of study but planning usually starts while they are in year 1. The process is quite straightforward and streamlined for students with the convenience of completing application, approval and payment related procedures in Dubai.

Students who wish to transfer to London, should contact the Student Office to complete an application form. The application is reviewed and then forwarded to our Gulf Regional Office (GRO), who will issue you an Offer Letter. The GRO can guide you through pre-departure preparations as well as facilitate payment of tuition fees. After receiving your Offer Letter, you will need to consider:

It is important that you plan well in advance as some of these procedures may take a considerable amount of time. You should also read our Life at Middlesex, London guide for what to expect in the first few weeks and beyond.