New Student Visa Application

Frequently Asked Questions for Student Visa Processing


  • What are the requirements should I wish to apply for a student visa?

For a student visa, you will be required to submit the following documents:

-          Completed visa application form

-          8 passport-size photographs (with white background)

-          Offer letter issued by Middlesex University Admission Office

-          Clear passport copy (data page)

  • Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least one year from the time of visa application.

-          Copy of fee receipts

  • 50% tuition fee
  • Visa deposit of AED 7,000
  • Visa processing fee of AED 5,200 (this includes the visa processing, medical tests, medical insurance and emirates ID)


Kindly take note that fees may change.


  • I am outside the country.  How do I pay for my visa-related fees?

We do accept bank transfers and online payment.  Please contact our Finance Office at 04-3678127 for more details.


  • When can I submit my student visa application?

We encourage students to submit their visa applications at least 2 months before the class starts as your documents will go through a careful review prior to visa application.


  • Can I submit my visa application thru email?

Yes, you may submit your visa application thru email at .  Middlesex Visa Office will acknowledge the email and will guide you through the process.


  • How much time does it take to issue the student resident visa?

The processing time will take approximately 10-15 working days before we receive the student entry permit.

The entry permit is valid for 2 months and should be used to enter the country within the date specified on the visa.

The student visa stamping will follow upon arrival and will take another 15-20 days.


  • Is there a guarantee that my student visa application will be approved? 

Visa applications are subject to immigration approval.


  • What is an Entry Permit?

An entry permit is the initial visa that will be issued by the university.  It is valid for two months and should be used within the specific date mentioned on the visa validity.

The entry permit is linked to your student visa.

  • Can the University provide a “visit visa” for me?

No. The University can only provide a student visa.  However, you may feel free to arrange your own visit visa through hotels, agents and relatives residing in Dubai.

Please note that we do not recommend the use of visit visa to start your studies in Dubai.  It is not a substitute for a student residence visa.

In addition, it is necessary for you to leave the country for a visa change.


  • Does the university provide airport pick-up assistance?

To Be Advised by Visa Office.


  • How do I get my original entry permit?

 Middlesex Visa Office will email you a copy of the entry permit and will request you to submit a confirmed flight booking in order for us to drop the original visa in the airport that you will be arriving in.

Please proceed to the Visa Collection Section inside Dubai airport to collect your original visa.


  • What is a visa change?

This is a process wherein a student will be advised to leave the country to change the status of his/her visa (from visit visa to student visa).



  • Who are exempt from a visa change?

Most of the students who are eligible to get a “visa on arrival” are exempted from a visa change.  However, this is subject to the immigration’s approval.


  • I am a resident of GCC and I can get a “visa on arrival”.  Do I need to exit for a visa change?

Yes. Visa on arrival is a privilege granted to residents of GCC and students should be accompanied by their parents in order to be eligible for visa on arrival.  However, this will not exempt the student from exiting the country for visa change.


  • I am a local of GCC, do I need a visa from the university?

No.  This is granted by the UAE Government to locals of GCC countries.


  • What is a “local amendment”?

Local amendment is a process of changing a visit visa (or visa upon arrival) without asking the student to exit the country.


  • Who are legible for local amendment process?

Students who entered Dubai on a “visa on arrival” are entitled for local amendment.  A local amendment fee is applicable if the student would like to avail of this service.


  •  What is a visa deposit?

Visa deposit is a one-time payment which serves as a bond.  This amount will remain with the university while the student is still holding the student visa from Middlesex University Dubai and will be refunded once the student visa is cancelled and cleared from the immigration record.


  • Do I get my visa deposit in full amount?

No. A visa cancellation fee will be deducted from the visa deposit.

In addition, if the student has an existing financial obligation to the university, the visa deposit will also be deducted from the total outstanding due.


  • What is an Emirates ID card?

An Emirates ID card is a national ID which is mandated by the government of UAE.  This is required for all the residents across the UAE.


  • Why do I need medical insurance when applying for a student visa?

Medical insurance is required by the government for the student’s welfare hence it is mandatory for students to have one.


  • Who are exempt for medical insurance?

 Medical insurance is not required if you hold a private medical insurance which is valid for a minimum of 6 months from the time of visa application and includes UAE coverage.  In this case, a copy of the medical insurance card and medical insurance policy will need to be presented to the MDX Visa Office.  Exemption will be subject to the management’s approval.


  • Is there an age limit for applying for a student visa?

 Age limit is subject to immigration’s approval.

However, students above 25 years old are required to submit a degree certificate attested by the UAE Consulate in your home country and duly attested by Department of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.


  • How long is my student visa valid for?

Your student visa is valid for a period of one year and can be renewed while you are still actively enrolled as a student of Middlesex University Dubai.


  • Can I apply for a visa if my passport is less than 6 months from the expiration date?

No.  Please ensure that your passport is valid for a minimum of one year.


  • Can I arrive in the country through any airports within the UAE?

Yes.  However, we do advise students to arrive via Dubai airports due to previous difficulties encountered by our students.



  • How long can I stay out of the country once the student visa has been stamped in my passport?

We encourage you NOT to stay outside the country for more than 6 months as your visa will be void.   In cases like this, you are advised to contact the Middlesex Visa Office to formally cancel your visa.


  • What are the tests included in the medical exam?

An X-ray and blood test is required before the actual visa stamping is processed.


  • Where is the medical facility located?

The medical facility is located within Knowledge Village.  You will be guided to the exact location once we receive your medical appointment form from the Government.


  • Can I work while holding a student visa?

No.  It is clearly stated by the UAE Law that student visa holders are strictly prohibited to work either part time or full time.